Residential Organizing

Imagine Living Life Simply
button-go1 Paying every bill on time because you have a simple system in place
button-go1 Having a gorgeous, organized home thanks to effective storage strategies
button-go1 Living a clutter-free life due to your new organizing know-how
button-go1 Always being on time and efficient, because you know expert time management tactics

At Strategize & Organize at Home, our goal is to help you live the amazing life you imagine. Our expert professional organizing team will guide you on your journey, whether you need a little help with one area of your home, or lots of hands-on assistance to shape up many rooms. We can meet once, a few times, or on a regular basis depending upon your needs. We work with Denver metro area households of any size, from time- starved single executives to large families juggling multiple schedules. The process begins with a free phone consultation to discuss your needs and answer your questions. Following that, a member of our professional organizing team will visit your home for an assessment, followed by hands-on, expert organizing assistance.

To begin your journey to the life you’ve always imagined, just pick up the phone and call 303-778-0588.   It’s that simple

Organizing Services
De-cluttering your stuff and clearing out the chaos. If you are simply overwhelmed and realize you just “can’t do it all”, or if you are going through a major life transition that is consuming your time and energy, holding you back from accomplishing your normal daily tasks, we will help you simplify your life and your home. Our goal is to teach you systems that help you to assess what to do, where to start, and how to keep it up. This area is where we truly get our coined statement, “Things don’t clutter, we clutter. And when we understand why, we can make simple changes to improve the quality of our life.” Note the word, “simple”. We’ll help you get there.


Our experience in services includes:

  • Basements and Attics
  • Bill Paying and Budgeting
  • Children’s Rooms
  • Clearing the Clutter
  • Closets
  • Craft Rooms
  • Estate and Garage Sales
  • Filing Systems
  • Time Management
  • Garages
  • Home Offices
  • Household Management
  • Libraries
  • Making the Most of Your Wardrobe
  • Pantries and Kitchens
  • Paperwork
  • Photographs
  • Space Planning
  • Storage Areas
Organizing Packages
Are you ready to get organized? Strategize and Organize Home professional organizers are here to help! From decluttering your closets to maximizing your cupboard space, our experts are excited to help you reach your goals. Our hands-on consultants will create new systems so you can better manage your time and space. Whether you’re a stay-at-home mom or a busy executive, we’ll teach you strategies to create order in your life. You’ll quickly reap the benefits of an organized life: You’ll attract more prosperity, be able to work smarter (not harder), discover more time for family and friends, and enjoy a fabulous quality of life. If you’d like to enjoy these (and many more) benefits, please read about our affordable organizing packages.


THE HOME TOUR: $125 for 90 minutes
This option is perfect for the do-it-yourselfer. A Strategize & Organize Home Professional Organizer will come to your home and complete an assessment of your desired space(s). We’ll create a Game Plan with personalized solutions and resources that you can implement on your own, at your own pace. We can also provide this service over the phone if you e-mail us digital photos of your home!
LET’S GET STARTED AT HOME: $195 for 3 hours
This package includes the Home Tour assessment and Game Plan, plus hands-on organizing in one area of your home. Our Professional Organizer will work alongside you to set up a customized system that will help you maintain order in that area. Depending upon the scope of the project, we may finish during that 3-hour session or, if it requires more time, you may complete on your own or hire us by the hour to assist you.
MIRACLE IN A DAY HOME: $420 for 7 hours
(Additional Professional Organizer can be added for $45/hr)

Imagine a perfectly organized space by the end of the day! If this sounds like heaven, our Miracle in a Day is right up your alley! In just seven short hours, our expert staff will work with you to declutter, downsize, sort, containerize, and label to create the space of your dreams. You’ll learn valuable organizing tips and techniques that will help you stay organized for life. Your life will never be the same!


$420 for 7 hours

MIRACLE IN A DAY HOME: $420 for 7 hours


Additional Organizer: $315 for 7 hrs



Enjoy our discounted hourly rate when you purchase a hands-on package. Meet with us daily, weekly, or monthly as needed to complete your project.
Silver Package 20-hour hands-on
Gold Package 30-hour hands-on

WARDROBE EDIT: $225 for 3 hours

You’ll partner with professional organizer, Anne McGurty, to get your closet in shape and perfectly organized. She’ll help you create defined “zones” for your clothing categories, organize garments by type and color, choose the best hangers for your clothing, arrange folded items, containerize accessories, and recommend clothing maintenance strategies. At the end of your session, you’ll be able to easily find what you need to create spectacular outfits. She can also assist with removing your unwanted clothing by donating items to the Junior League of Denver’s Second Time Shop. A tax receipt will be mailed back to you.

WARDROBE WORKOUT: $550 for 6 hours

now for just $500 for 6 hours (limited special price)

$550 $500
Is your wardrobe in need of a workout? Then this package is for you! You’ll first work with image consultant Milena Joy* to discover your personal style. She’ll tackle your closet by season and help you discover what’s working and what’s not. She will build new outfits with the clothes you already have and create a shopping list for the ones you don’t. You’ll learn how to strategically wear colors, lines, prints, textures, and fabrics to make you look your best. She’ll also address accessories, hair, make-up and any other concerns you may have regarding your image.
Then, for the second half of your workout, you’ll partner with a Strategize and Organize professional organizer to get your closet in shape and perfectly organized as in the services defined above in the Wardrobe Edit.
*About Milena: Milena earned her image certification at the Image Resource Center of New York. She is a member of the Association of Image Consultants International (AICI) and serves as the VP of Membership for the Mountain West Chapter Board.